actinomorphic [ak΄tə nō΄môr′fəsak΄tə nō΄môr′fik]
Biol. having radial symmetry, as a flower or a starfish: also actinomorphous [ak΄tə nō΄môr′fəs]

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  • actinomorphic — adjective Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary Date: 1900 being radially symmetrical and capable of division by any longitudinal plane into essentially symmetrical halves < an actinomorphic tulip flower > • actinomorphy noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • actinomorphic — actinomorphy, n. /ak tin oh mawr fik, ak teuh noh /, adj. 1. Biol. having radial symmetry. 2. Bot. (of certain flowers, as the buttercup) divisible vertically into similar halves by each of a number of planes passing through the axis. Also,… …   Universalium

  • actinomorphic — adjective Having its petals arranged in a radially symmetric fashion. Syn: actinomorphous …   Wiktionary

  • actinomorphic — [ˌaktɪnə(ʊ) mɔ:fɪk] adjective Biology characterized by radial symmetry, such as a starfish. Compare with zygomorphic. Derivatives actinomorphy noun …   English new terms dictionary

  • actinomorphic —   Of a radially symmetric structure that can be halved in more than one plane to give two halves that are mirror images of each other; of seeds, radiospermic.   Cf. zygomorphic …   Expanded glossary of Cycad terms

  • actinomorphic — ac·ti·no·mor·phic …   English syllables

  • actinomorphic — /æktənoʊˈmɔfɪk/ (say aktuhnoh mawfik) adjective 1. having radial symmetry. 2. Botany (of certain flowers, as the buttercup) divisible vertically into similar halves by each of a number of planes. Also, actinomorphous /æktənoʊˈmɔfəs/ (say aktuhnoh …  

  • actinomorphic —   a. Botany, having symmetrically radiated shape …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • actinomorphic — adj. Biol. radially symmetrical. Etymology: as ACTINOMETER + Gk morphe form …   Useful english dictionary

  • Floral symmetry — refers to whether, and how, a flower can be divided into two or more identical or mirror image parts. Most flowers are actinomorphic ( star shaped ), meaning they can be divided into symmetrical halves by more than one longitudinal plane passing… …   Wikipedia

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